About Us

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Our Story

Founded in 1999, Polar Services has grown to become a trusted refrigeration and domestic spare parts company in Malta, with expertise and customer service beliefs that ensure you have made the right choice. Our wide range of products include a vast selection of refrigeration spare parts, refrigeration tools and domestic spare parts (washing machines, fridges, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers and cooker parts).

					Our Products Malta, Polar Services LTD Malta Malta
Our Products

Polar Services revolves around the products that we import, export and retail and hand in hand with those products come a range of services that help to enhance them. We also can put your mind at rest when buying our refrigeration spare parts and tools as they are certified. We take pride in the assistance we lend to our customers.

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The Shop

Our shop provides refrigeration tools, refrigeration spare parts and domestic parts for a range of brands. Our team will make sure to give you best advice to your needs. Better fix your old one then buying a new one.