Turbo Set 90


Weighing in at only 5kg, the unit is extremely versatile and suitable for use in hard to reach areas. The units are supplied without the disposable gas bottles, allowing the operator to choose the combination of gas required for their specific needs. The Turbo Set 90 has 4 inbuilt flashback arrestors, a mini regulator for each gas, hoses, blowpipe, micro-needle tips and more.

The OxyTurbo Turbo Set 90 has been specifically designed for use with self-contained disposable gas cylinders and cartridges. This leads to a number of advantages: Firstly, the gas cylinders and cartridges are bought outright, so there are no ongoing cylinder rental payments. Secondly, the gas cylinders and cartridges are lightweight and much less cumbersome than even the smallest refillable gas cylinder available, making the Turbo Set 90 convenient to take anywhere, allowing the user to make professional welding being particularly suitable for small hydraulics, air conditioning and refrigeration works, suiting technicians or hobbyists alike.

Patented handgrip - Handgrip of latest conception and design, with built-in safety oxygen and gas safety valves with double protection.

The kit consists of:

- MIGNON oxygen pressure reducer and gas tap with flashback arrestors with double protection
- 2m hoses with connections 
- Handgrip torch with adjusting knobs with built-in double protection valves and lance fitted with 80/l nozzle
- Star with 4 nozzles
- Protective goggles
- Multipurpose spanner
- Flint lighter
- Filler metal with deoxidizer